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Posted: ஜூன் 18, 2010 in Spiritual

Vethathiri MaharishiThis is a featured page

ImageA great teacher, inspiration, and example of a loving, balanced, and elightened modern Guru was Swamiji Vethahiri Maharishi.

A personal teacher (true Guru) to many including myself, as well as the Spiritual leader and founder-trustee of The World Community Service Center.

Swami Vethathiri Maharishi took samadhion March 28th of2006 at the age of 96. 
He founded the World Community Service Center in Chennai in 1958 and established 300 yoga centres all over the world. He had written about 80 books in Tamil and English. During a recent conference, the Dravidian University at Kuppam had declared him as the 19th Sidha.

He popularised the simplified Kundalini meditation and synthesised Kayakalpa Yoga exercise for modern life. 
A number of people continue to follow and spread Swamiji’s Divine message and teachings all across the world, thereby taking his journey on to the next level and to a different dimension.

ImageShri Vethathiri Maharishi, was born in the year 1911 at Guduvancheri, a village near Chennai, South India. Constrained to go even without the barest necessities of life, despite toiling at the loom from early morning to late night, his formal schooling stopped with Standard III (Age 8). But his passion for learning was intense and he started educating himself from a very young age. A diligent student, he educated himself to the level of Standard IX. His pursuit of knowledge slowly become a pilgrimage towards Truth.He worked for his livelihood and his career was a colorful one

  • an apprentice-weaver
  • a qualified practitioner for two systems of Indian indigenous medicine (Ayurveda, Siddha)

  • a certified practitioner of Homeopathy

  • a Government employee on a meagre salary
  • a master-weaver owning more than 1000 looms.

ImageWhen material fortune ceased to smile, he kept on smiling and continued his journey towards Truth. But through out his long journey his vision never wavered and his steps never faltered. With rare single-mindedness, he marched towards his goal, unmindful of the riches that came his way or the poverty that sought to overpower him often. Swami Vethathiri is the exponent of the system of Simplified Kundalini Yoga which is the sure way to lasting peace and real happiness. He has also rediscovered theSimplified Kayakalpa Yoga given out by the siddhas of South India many centuries ago. The World Community Service Centre, which he founded in 1958, has Branches around the Globe, working to achieve World Peace. Image

From 1972 to 1993 he travelled abroad as many as 21 times delivering speech and teaching extensively in U.S.A., Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, Dem.Rep. of Korea and Japan. *Your own Peace Portal author met him in 1989 during his trip to Los Angeles, all of us who could not travel to India are grateful to Swamiji for having come to us – he visited many times each year for four years including offering extended masters courses at the Institute of Mental Physics, located next to Joshua Tree National Forest. 

He also addressed the United Nations in the year 1974.

Enlightened through several years of intense meditation and introspection, he has spontaneously poured out over 2000 poems dealing with origin and functions of the cosmos as well as on all aspects of human life. 

Several universities in India have made Maharishi’s philosophy a part of their regular course. By unification of science and philosophy, Maharishi has made significant contributions to the contemporary philosophy, basic sciences and literature and thereby evolving a unified and holistic view of Nature.

Based on Vethathiri Maharishi’s philosophy, several scholars in the fields of literature, science and psychology are working for their Doctorate degrees.Hundreds of thousands of people in India and abroad have learned and benefited by practicing his philosophy and techniques.Swamiji never renounced the world in the ordinary sense;Imagehe lived in this world fully sharing his wealth and his knowledge with his fellowmen.Even at his age of 95, he continued to serve humanity through his writings and discourses. He remained dedicated to serving his fellow beings by conveying his understanding of the One Supreme Power and its evolution through his speeches and writings. He completed his last book, ‘History of God’s transformation’ just weeks before leaving his body. 

ImageThe proceedings he earned as a author of his books were dedicated to the society’s welfare as he continued to live a simple life in the foot hills of western ghats

On March 28th 2006, Yogiraj Shri Vethathiri Maharishi, the Greatest Spiritual Guru of the 20th century, left his fragile and aging body after a brief period of illness.

Vethathiri Maharishi on different subjects. Philosophy, Yoga & Meditation Books Articles on Vethathirian Philosophy Maharishi’s articles on various topics like Image

1. Realization of God 
2. Natural Law 
3. The Future of Humanity 
4. Harmony In Life 
5. Power Of Thought 
6. The Basis Of Our Plan For World Peace…. 

Vethathirian Science Research works and papers published based on Shri Vethathiri Maharishi’s philosophy. 

Bliss Beyond Words A translation of the poems composed by Shri Vethathiri Maharishi in the Tamil language during the past 40 years of his active spiritual and social life.

Arulnithi Mey.Muthukumaresan

TAMILNADU – 622004

kannannagarsky@gmail.com, kannannagarsky@skygroups.org


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